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Redefining the travel industry
There is much talk of disruption in the travel sector. New entrants such as Youmalou are disrupting all facets of the travel industry. New traveler expectations of the service experience are challenging all of us to continually improve how we operate. New sources of data and information are challenging each travel brand to innovate in terms of how travel is sold, how travelers are serviced and how disruption is managed.

Travel Intelligence

Travel Intelligence refers to next-generation business intelligence solutions and services, designed primarily for the travel industry. Such solutions transform raw travel data into meaningful information to facilitate strategic, tactical and operational decisions. As the travel industry has grown and deals with more complex data, the challenge of making sense of data has grown exponentially; new technologies and the abundance of digital data offer exciting opportunities for those who want to take either an incremental or radical approach to Travel Intelligence. The combination of big data and machine learning will allow travel providers to create completely new products and services. For example, if a traveler is watching a film on a plane, and they like the landscape featured within this, they could instantly discover the location where the film was shot through a single touch of the screen – and what’s more, they could be presented with additional information such as weather forecasts, and the opportunity to book travel to that destination. This is the convergence of entertainment, media and travel into a single offer, enabled by data and analytics. Another example of the kind of innovation travel Intelligence can underpin is at the travel planning stage. Imagine that multiple colleagues within a company are included on an email chain about a particular project, and someone suggests a face-to-face catch-up meeting.

An application built on top of the email programme could combine data about each individual’s availability with location, travel duration, and price, to suggest the best possible venue for the meeting. In fact, in the future, we’ll see this kind of automated, data-enabled recommendation embedded within other apps; not only email, but even messaging apps, with consumers booking and buying travel, products and services in the same way they make their social plans. The Travel Content Aggregation Platform of Youmalou helps our customers leverage advances in technology and analytics in order to transform the increasing amount of raw travel data into actionable insights and stand out from the competition.

The travel industry has experienced a high level of turbulence in the last decade. Accelerating technological developments, changing consumer behaviors and disruptive business models have changed the game and have become the new status quo. As such, it is vital for current and new players to envision their role in the future travel industry.

New consumer expectations of the service experience are challenging all of us to continually improve how we operate. New sources of data and information are challenging each travel brand to innovate in terms of how travel is sold, how consumers are serviced and how disruption is managed.

Why book with us

Youmalou was founded by the idea that making a travel booking should be easier, more fun, more personal and that a consumer should be inspired by a specific destination. This should all be provided by a simple and user-friendly platform, where user data is secured and stored safely and travel information is presented in real time. Travel destinations or accommodations should be more that static listings, there should be represented with personal video’s, pictures or user reviews.

Youmalou wants to be a platform where a consumer can be inspired by fellow travelers. A platform which recognizes a user based on its social media presence and presents elements of a future travel bookings based on the personal interests of this user. Youmalou connects travellers with one of the world’s largest selection of incredible places to stay, including everything from hotels, apartments, villas and hostels to 5-star luxury resorts. Youmalou currently offers 1,200,000+ properties covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories, more than 120 airlines and with prices up to 50% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms.

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