Youmalou Privacy Statement

1. About Youmalou

Youmalou is a trade name of Youmalou BV and is located in Capelle a/d Ijssel under Chamber of Commerce number 68931077. Youmalou efforts are aimed at meeting the requirements of the GDPR and the privacy policy statement ('Privacy Statement') included here as good as possible to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data.

2. Operation

Youmalou is responsible for collecting and using your personal information as described in this Privacy Statement. The Privacy Statement applies to users of this website ("Website").

3. Applies to following situations

In the following cases you may be asked to provide your personal information:

  1. Contact
    Contact - sending an email to Youmalou via the Website or calling the Customer Service Center with queries about Youmalou in general or a booking made via Youmalou. Gathered Personal data in this situation are not saved. The basis for the processing of these data is described in Article 6 paragraph 1 sub b and in some cases sub f GDPR, because there is a necessity for implementing the agreement whereby you are granted access to the website or because (if you don’t have an agreement with us) it is necessary for the representation of Youmalou justified business interests to be able to provide you with the best possible service.

  2. Book and Manage
    Booking and Management - during the booking process on the Website or via a telephone order and the management ofan order or booking. To properly process and manage the order and / or booking, the necessary personal data must be transferred (for example to the airline company, the car rental company, the hotel, the insurance company or other third parties involved). Youmalou only stores provided personal details of an order and / or successful booking which are necessary for successful managing the booking (name, home address, gender, email address, telephone number). Youmalou provides the service providers solely with the information necessary to successfully complete and/or manage the booking and which are mandatory in the context of legislation with the various local authorities, such as customs and immigration services. The bank or credit card details provided during the payment process are not processed or stored via the Website but transmitted in an encrypted and certified environment to the bank for authorizing the transaction and the final payment.

  3. Newsletter
    Newsletter - the moment you register for one or more of the newsletters from Youmalou, your email address will only be used to send you the relevant newsletter. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can stop the subscription at any time by unsubscribing via the indicated link at the bottom of the newsletter.

4. Transfer of data to third parties

Youmalou - where it is responsible for processing - does not provide personal information to third parties for marketing or otherwise without your prior consent unless this is necessary for the execution of the services of Youmalou or this is legally required by the competent authorities on the basis of justified legal provisions of Youmalou.

In the event of causing deliberate damage, fraud or abuse of means of payment when using Youmalou property, including the Website, the available personal data will be used to take necessary measures.

5. Questions

Users of the Website having queries about our Privacy Statement can contact Youmalou. Our contact details are provided on the Website. At written request of customers, Youmalou will remove personal data from its file as far as possible and legally permitted. The customer has as well the possibility to change the provided information at any time. In such a case Youmalou can ask the customer to transfer the modification in the by Youmalou prescribed manner and in some cases, identification may be required. You can send questions and requests to:

6. Security

To guarantee the privacy of your personal data, Youmalou implements various measures of security. When you provide personal information via the Website during or after the booking process, this data is secured via SSL (Secure Socket Layers). Your recorded personal data is then stored behind a 'Firewall' for monitoring and protection against data leaks.

7. Use of website

When you make a booking or take an option, only the personal details of the booker and/or passenger(s) are processed on behalf of the agreement with the respective service provider in accordance with Article 3b. For the use of Cookies on the Website, we kindly refer you to the 'Youmalou Cookie Policy Statement'.

8. Disclaimer

Youmalou is entitled to modify the content of the Privacy Statement in the future without the visitor being informed. The implementation of the modification on the Website is sufficient in this regard. Youmalou therefore recommends reviewing this privacy statement regularly. This Agreement is governed by Dutch Law. Any disputes will be submitted to the court and judge assigned to this.